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Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Plus Size Shapewear for Curvy Women 2019

We all love our curves, but of course, there are those occasions where we want to wear a tight dress with thin material or something a little more daring, and start to...

We all love our curves, but of course, there are those occasions where we want to wear a tight dress with thin material or something a little more daring, and start to think about shapewear to smooth and enhance our curves. There’s nothing wrong with enlisting a little bit of help from some good shapewear for plus size ladies, and the best plus size shapewear makes us feel powerful and ready to take on the world!

However, finding a range of good shapewear for plus size women is almost impossible – as I’m sure you know since you’re here! – and you can spend hours scouring the internet for anything that’s worth your time and money. Fortunately, Nicolette Shapewear have you covered (literally)!
Here’s a guide to finding the best plus size shapewear for voluptuous, confident women:

First, know your measurements

Plus size women shapewear

Carefully take the measurements of your waist, hips, and bust if necessary. If you can, get a friend or your partner to do it for you so you can stand up straight – but naturally – and get accurate measurements. Keep them on hand as you look for the best plus size shapewear for you and check the sizing guide before you buy.
If you are in-between sizes, size up unless there is extra information or reviews telling you that the sizing comes up a little big. Even when you buy good shapewear for plus size women, sizing down often creates extra lumps and bumps where you don’t have them naturally, because it is too tight.
Remember that your curves are beautiful, so don’t try and minimize them completely by buying something far too small as that often backfires!

Next, think about your body shape and what you want to enhance

plus size thong shapewear

Are you an hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle? You’ll find all kinds of names for your shape, but you’ll know where your body stores it’s little bit extra and where you’d like a little more support. For example, if your hips are your biggest point, you don’t want shapewear that cuts you awkwardly at that point in case it creates an unnatural bump. Choose shapewear that will smooth what you’ve got and won’t work against your body elsewhere. The best plus size shapewear (as you’ll find below) takes the needs of plus-sized women into account, so don’t settle for something that hasn’t been designed with you in mind.

Decide how much support you want

plus size shapewear for curvy women

If you’re going to an event where you’re going to an event like a wedding where you’ll be sitting for long periods, eating, and dancing, you’ll likely be uncomfortable if you choose a super-high level of compression.
However, if you’re going to an event where you’ll see people you’ve not seen in ten years, you may be willing to take being a little uncomfortable to know that you’re looking your absolute best at all times – it really is up to you and what you are buying your shapewear for.



Watch Karen Try on Shapewear for Curvy women!

She wears size M in all the Shapers, aside from NS015, in which she wears a size Small!

Now you know how to choose, here are the best plus size shapewear pieces we just know you’ll love!

Sports Latex Waist Cincher
If you’re looking for the best plus size shapewear for every day and working out, with the major plus of also acting as a waist trainer, enhancing your natural curves, then this is one of the best pieces for your collection. The Sports Latex Waist Cincher 1026  is available in sizes up to 3XL, helps you burn extra fat in your mid-section, and can be worn all day long. Many of our lovely ladies are having serious results with this cincher (see the pictures!), so this is definitely a must-have item.
Legs & Thighs Compression Body Shaper
Our prayers have been answered! Trying to find a piece of shapewear that doesn’t cut you off at mid-thigh (who are the women designing these who don’t get a strange thigh-muffin top when they wear these things?!) is almost impossible. Fortunately, here is the perfect piece of shapewear for midi- and full-length dresses, playsuits, and pants. The NS021 Legs & Thighs Compression Body Shaper targets all our problem areas, gives the girls a lift, and despite the high compression is comfortable for all-day use. Perfect!
Tummy Control Bodysuit
If your tummy is your problem area, the Hourglass Figure High Compression Panty Shapewear  is here to hold you in and give your girls a lift! Sizing goes up to a 3XL and has a zipper so you can easily get it on and off, while still being invisible under your clothing.
Ultra Smooth Invisible Butt Lifter
plus size curvy women shapewear
Another piece of shapewear designed to make you look amazing and doesn’t cut you off mid-thigh! The Ultra Smooth Invisible Butt Lifter has no hooks, no zipper, and will lose 3 inches instantly. Who doesn’t want that? If you want to enhance your booty while smoothing all major problem areas, this is one of the best plus size shapewear pieces for your collection.
Full Body Shaper with Bra
One major benefit of being extra curvy is having great boobs! The Full Body Shaper with Bra is designed to be worn post-breast argumentation, but of course, can be worn by anyone who wants full-body support. There is a crotch opening so you can go to the bathroom without completely stripping down, and offers moderate compression so it’s great for all-day wear.


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