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The Best Postpartum Pregnancy Shapewear | After Birth

Life after a brand new baby can be extremely overwhelming. Especially if you are a brand new mom, your once routine life is now a thing of the past, replaced...

Life after a brand new baby can be extremely overwhelming. Especially if you are a brand new mom, your once routine life is now a thing of the past, replaced with unfamiliarity. With your new life, comes a new body that can take some getting used to, but you’re in luck! We are here to help you regain your confidence and help you in your healing process.

Lets break down the best postpartum pregnancy shapewear for after giving birth

This life can take some getting used to, and it's a long process! Although extremely rewarding to take care of a little mini-you, with new tasks like having to feed your baby around the clock, staying up all night, constant diaper changing, all while keeping up with the house chores. Having to adjust to all of these once your baby is born isn’t easy. Trust me, all mom's go through it!

With such a major life change, the last thing you think about is your body, and for good reason! During these new precious moments, getting back into shape should be the last thing on your mind. Whether it was normal delivery or a c section incision, you don’t want nor should you have to worry about your post-pregnancy body.

Wearing shapewear postpartum

You’ve probably noticed that nearly every celebrity nowadays is wearing some sort of waist trainer, girdle, or body shaper. You’ve seen what they can do for you and that they work really well. 

Trust me when I say that those smoothed out and near perfect figures don't just miraculously happen without a little bit of assistance. The way undergarments eliminate the appearance of problem areas like loose skin, excess body fat, love handles, and cellulite is due to the tight compression they provide due to their design.

Body shapers can provide a toned appearance and smooth your body, however not all support a postpartum body to new mothers. There is only a handful that is specifically and uniquely designed with pregnancy in mind.

In the video  we go more in depth of the different kinds of shapewear we recommend for Post Partum.


Moderate compression shapewear for after birth 0-6 weeks

If you plan on wearing shapewear straight after delivery, we highly recommend a moderate compression shapewear garment for you. One without hooks, or zippers to provide just the right amount of compression,  but not to overwhelming for your sensitive uterus. For the first few weeks after delivery, we want you take it easy and focus on your baby until you get the green light from your doctor (usually at the six week check-up) that you are ok and healing properly. For these reasons, we recommend these moderate compression garments to keep you compressed, but still comfortable enough to keep your focus on baby:

Get back to your pre-pregnancy shape with compression shapewear

Our Tummy Control Bodysuit 8051 is perfect for mom's postpartum because it is as easy as slipping it on and off. You don't have to worry about hooks, or zippers. It has adjustable straps included to support your breasts which will feel engorged after birth, clasps on the crotch to easily use the bathroom and change your pads, as well as moderate tummy compression.

Comfortable and confident after birth shapewear

The Ultra Smooth Invisible Butt Lifting Shaper NS084 has the same seamless qualities of 8051, the only difference is it is to the knee, which will provide additional thighs & legs control. This garment has an open crotch gusset as opposed to snap hooks, adjustable straps, and double tummy layer to provide counter pressure on your shrinking uterus.

High Compression Shapewear for 6 Weeks Post-Partum

Now, if you’ve given birth over six weeks ago, and feel that your body has recovered enough, and is truly ready to start shedding off the excess fat and for some skin tightening, we recommend wearing our higher compression products with hooks to adjust to your slow weight loss over the next few months. Here are our top Three Recommendations for high compression shapewear after six weeks:

Sports Latex Cincher 1026

The Sports Latex Cincher 1026 is a mommy favorite. Just check our Instagram! This is because it's the perfect starter waist trainer to just wear daily or for light cardio. If you are looking for a nice and comfortable waist trainer for daily use to burn extra tummy fat, this is a great starter!

Latex Waist Cincher Vest 1028

The Latex Waist Cincher Vest is perfect if your are looking for a more intense trainer than the 1026. It is all Latex, which means more heat, and more sweat on the tummy area. This is a fan favorite because it takes care of side bulges and back fat bulges as well, so you don't have to worry about that!

Smooth Powernet Waist Cincher NS006

The Smooth Powernet Waist Cincher is perfect for stay at home mommies who don't have time to workout, but want something to really cinch them in and create curves. This garment boasts two sets  of hooks for when you are losing inches, and contains no latex for ultimate comfort! This is perfect for working moms too!

What shaper should i wear if i gave birth Naturally? C-Section?

As you can see, there are many options for Postpartum shapewear, but here I also wanted to give you my perspective on the best postpartum shapewear according to the delivery method that you went through. We did mention that wearing a high compression shaper is usually okay 6 weeks postpartum. However, a natural delivery and a c-section delivery are two different healing processes. This means that if you did have a C-Section, you would have to wait just a bit longer on higher compression garments to avoid irritating your C-section incisions. 

Post Partum Body Shaper for Natural Birth:

My recommendation for all those mommies who did natural delivery would be the NS049. It is a high compression garment that will help you compress your belly and put back all the skin that stretched during pregnancy. We created the 2 level hook garments for postpartum and post-surgical clients who will be reducing sizes as their bodies start to get rid of fluids, hence you will be losing weight and sizes over time after having your baby, with the 2 level hook closure, you will not have the need to buy 2 or more garments of different sizes, all you have to do is move up one hook level to adjust compression We would recommend wearing this garment a few weeks postpartum.

Full Length Body Shaper for C-Section:

I usually recommend the style NS084 for those mommies who went through C-Section delivery. Why? Because this is a medium compression body shaper that will be super comfy and it will not cost you more pain. This style has no zipper or hooks while still compression just enough to give you a flat tummy. Wearing a body shaper offers protection and support to the C-section incision, at the same time it reduces swelling by compressing the uterus due to fluid retention. We highly recommend that if you went through a C-section surgery to wear moderate compression garments until your wound fully heals, as the last thing you would want is to apply too much pressure to your uterus and incision. When choosing shapewear for this healing process, be sure to  avoid high compression garments with hooks, and zippers until you get the ok from your doc!

So many women find comfort with a postpartum girdle after they’ve delivered. And for very good reason! You will find that it will really relieve those after-birth cramps (google it, it exists!) and give you that extra supported feeling after going through a major body change. The goal of wearing the shapewear post-partum is not to force new mom’s to get into shape immediately after giving birth, but to help support mommy’s healing process. This is why we do recommend starting off with a mild compression garment to give you enough back support for breast feeding, counter pressure to help your uterus shrink to it’s original size, breast engorgement support, and uterus floor support ( if you do decide to go with a full body shaper).

The postpartum body shapers above deliver improved core strength and stability, which is an essential for new moms!

Many active moms say it’s the compression and support that allowed them to quickly get back into their normal routines before pregnancy along with jogging, dancing, and working out within 2 months of giving birth. Click here to read about how to lose that stubborn mommy pouch in more detail.

The benefits are endless when it comes to the support a postpartum girdle can offer, choose your favorite garment according to your needs, feel free to contact us and let us help take care of you, while you take care of baby! 

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